FAQ - Spot Free Finish

Q: Is the price you quoted me fixed?

A: No, our initial quote is the maximum price you will pay, once our quote is accepted, when we carry out the work, if we think it was easier than we first thought we would always lower the price accordingly.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes we have cover up to £1,000,000 that's public liability insurance and also covers your property for any damage caused.

So far we have never needed to use this as we are very professional and experienced in what we do.

Q: Do I need to be home when you come and clean my windows?

A: No, as long as we have access, once we have finished, we can send you payment details.

Q: Do you clean in the rain?

A: Only when it's light, with water fed this isn't a problem whatsoever, heavy rain is a no-no, as I wouldn't hear the last of it from Sarah my wife! :)

Q: When will I know you are visiting?

A: Two days before your scheduled appointment you will receive a text with a day and precise time, this first text helps us schedule our appointments perfectly, and then the evening before we send one more text to confirm.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We always carry a card machine or accept cash if you are around, or we can send a secure payment link and/or bank details.

Q: What are the benefits of using the water-fed system?

A:  We use 100% polished purified filtered water (TDS Zero, made in-house) with our professional pole-fed system when cleaned correctly & thoroughly this will leave your windows, frames, and sills, all in an immaculate condition, with zero watermarks, just spotless!  This professional system is eco-friendly, just pure water, and zero nasties! 

Q: Do you also clean the frames and sills on every visit?

A: It's extremely important to clean the frames and sills properly every visit because if we get a downpour, no dirt from the frames will ruin the spotless windows we have left you with. This means less frequent visits from us, saving you money in the long run.

Q: Do you always come on the same day of the week?

A: We try to, but with the British weather it can sometimes be hard. We use an app to schedule your appointments, and we normally find that 90% of the time it's on the same day, but occasionally it'll be on a different day but on the same week, we are due.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?

A: We believe 6-8 weekly works very well depending on the window type and location. Because we only use pure water to clean your windows it doesn't leave any soap residue for the dirt to stick to, so your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Q: How can I arrange for you to come and clean my windows?

A: Give us a call on 07379 978759, if we are unable to answer, leave a message and we will be in contact within the hour during our working hours, these are normally between 0630 - 2000.

Q: Can you provide a receipt or invoice?

A: Yes, our app allows these to be provided instantly on request.

Q: Do you clean inside windows?

A: Well I can but don't tend to, but my wife excels with inside window cleaning as we believe our customers prefer it that way! Sarah cleans the inside windows to perfection, and she has a great reputation with our valued customers.

Q: Do you do one-off window cleaning?

A: Yes, that isn't a problem, not everyone wants perfectly clean, spotless windows throughout the year, but many do!

Q: Do you provide gutter cleaning services?

A: Yes, our regular customers receive a free gutter survey via our gutter camera each year, and if required we offer a very competitively priced gutter vac service. For non-regular customers, we can offer a gutter survey for around £20, then quote for the gutters to be cleared if required.

Q: Do you provide any other services than window cleaning?

A: Yes, all exterior cleaning to meet your needs, please check out all our other pages on our website for the services we provide.

Q: Do you provide a pressure washing service for Patios and Driveways?

Yes, we have a professional Petrol Powered Jet Wash, and removing dirt and grime from any of your hard surfaces is a breeze! Very competitively priced too.

Contact us: Spot Free Finish, Strawberry Fields, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 1BQ Phone: 07379 978759 Email: spotfreefinish@outlook.com

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