Q: What's the best way to clean solar panels?

A: We believe the best and safest way is a 40-foot pole and polished purified water. 

Spot Free Finish, based in Addlestone, Surrey is here to help clean those dirty solar panels. Having dirty Solar Panels, not only creates an eye sore but also affects your Solar PV systems performance. As bird droppings, dust, pollution, and tree sap start to cover your panels over time, sunlight can no longer reach the Solar cells. Essentially, dirty panels have the same impact on a Solar PV System as shading does. If your Solar Panels are on a string array, having just one Solar Cell covered with dirt will cause an inefficiency that will affect the performance of your entire Solar Panel System. Affecting both your Green Energy Generation and return on investment. By making sure your Solar Panels are clean, your Solar Generation will always be at its maximum. Not only does having clean solar panels help increase your system’s efficiency, but they also look far more attractive! 

After all who wants dirty, dusty, Solar Panels full of bird droppings sitting on their roof? A Clean Solar Panel is a happy solar panel. Luckily, in the UK because of the high levels of rain, so an occasional clean will be all that’s needed. We recommend yearly. 

Our professional Solar Panel cleaning service is priced very competitively, Cleaning starts from as little as £20, and normally it works out to around £5 per panel. 

Please feel free to contact us, for any of your professional cleaning needs.

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